So the original photo isn’t mine.  The caption isn’t mine.  However, I did go and put the two together.  Credit to the creator of both, individually, I’m not claiming credit for those. Yeah.  Enjoy.  Please give credit where it’s due and don’t steal!

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Anon wanted me to draw my Draw-yourself “Noravengers” fighting or such but I really suck at fighting poses, so I decided to draw them saying lines from the movie instead. Oops.

I got comments saying it’s illegal in the US to wear any fabric that has the print of the flag on it, so I changed Cap’s hijab. 


"Doth mother know you wearth her hijab?"

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girls don’t like boys girls like the starship enterprise

I guess boys can come clean then. They like the Starship Enterprise as well. Let’s stop pursuing each other, and instead pursue peace and acceptance of all sentient life so that we can boldly go where no one has gone before.

What if we don’t like starship enterprise? What if we don’t like space?
Space is scary. Life is scary. Life in space is terrifying. I will boldly go hide in a cave with my tin hat thank you.

c’mon bones it’ll be fun

My brother found a stay kitten a few days ago. He’s so tiny I had to bottle feed him.


Coulson’s got competition.

Here’s the Original Comic, redrawn with permission.

Please do not repost or delete this caption.

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